Wonderfully chaotic posed wedding photos!

I was writing a blog post and watching Amazon Prime series Transparent at the same time – it’s great, I’m loving it – and the opening scene of the second season is the perfect example of how wonderfully chaotic posed wedding photos can be.

Families are complicated and positioning people when all they want to do is relax can be stressful for all involved.¬†Using this very specific moment of family interaction as the promo for a show all about awkward, yet very real, family relationships proves that I’m not the only one that sees these shots as some of the most revealing of all wedding photos.

Whilst I may often suggest keeping posed wedding shots to a minimum, by this I mean avoiding the need to shoot every single different combination of both sides of the family. These group photos normally just happen naturally throughout the day. I always tell people that if they want a particular posed photo, ‘get the group together and grab me’, easy! ¬†That said, some of my favourite slices of life are these wonderfully chaotic posed wedding photos. They’re very revealing and very real. This photo from Debbie and Dan’s wedding probably got the most likes and comments when we posted it to Facebook and I think it’s my favourite from the whole day.

A bit of research shows I’m not the only one to notice the power of that opening scene to Transparent Season Two, Vox wrote a blog called ‘The first shot of Transparent season 2 perfectly sets up a brilliant season of TV’ all about it.

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