Shooting cat photos and finding any excuse to pick up your camera on a daily basis

It might seem strange but sometimes even a photographer needs an excuse to pick up their camera and shoot some photos.

When you are working professionally it can be really easy to only use your camera when you are on a job. It can also become really easy to forget what it was that made you love taking photos in the first place, so I like to give myself little reasons to pick up my camera every single day and take photos for myself. Even on days (like today) when I will most likely be at a desk, on my laptop all day long, it’s a really good idea to get up off your butt and shoot some candid photos. Why not try shooting some cat photos?

I didn’t really set any new years resolutions but one little spark of an idea that hit me just before christmas as I was scrolling through cat photos on Instagram, as you do, was ‘I wonder how easy it would be to get 1000 Instagram followers if I just shared photos of my cat, Napoleon?’. I have three cats but as special as they all are (no favourites!) Napoleon is the most photogenic and pretty of the three, his gorgeousness regularly makes people squeal with delight at how fluffy and serious – in a top model kind of way – he is.

Two weeks ago, I started @napoleontroubles and after 14 days and 28 photos he is well on his way to his first 1000 followers. Napoleon is quite a nervous cat around people he doesn’t know, so his Instagram profile is all about the trials and tribulations of being so damn pretty.

I’m not crazy, I know that on the surface this seems totally pointless, but any excuse to pick up your camera on a daily basis and shoot some shots is not pointless. In sharing these photos it gives me daily gratification that cat lovers/crazy cat people of the world are enjoying them too. As of right now, his most liked photo has 132 likes which is about 100 more than any of the photos on my @liam__rogers account. Cats rule the internet!

Please check out his profile and find your own excuse to take photos every single day. This is just one of mine, perhaps I’ll share the others some other time.

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