Why the name change and rebrand?

So you may have noticed (or you don’t care so watch this instead)┬áthat I changed my name and rebranded my photography website.

When I first started the Rogers and Company website I just needed somewhere to showcase my wedding photography, but things have changed and I feel like my branding should change with it.

Here is the logo and name change in a handy little graphic.

Initially the Rogers and Company Photography name was chosen so I could have a very clear divide between taking photos for other people and using the same cameras to make artwork over at www.liamrogers.com. In the beginning I didn’t even put my name on the Rogers Co website and I kept getting emails from people thinking my name was Roger. I don’t blame them for doing so, it was a stupid idea and it became very clear I couldn’t make this side of my photography nameless. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t ashamed to put my name on the website, it was just a way to make it less confusing for people trying to find ‘london wedding photographer’ and ‘liam rogers the london based artist’. Ironically, trying to make things clearer made things more confusing.

Whilst the divide made it easier for there to be a clear division, managing multiple online and offline guises was starting to get confusing and restrictive. As I got more and more experience, I wanted to start sharing my experience to help people looking to hire a photographer or looking to get into photography themselves. I tried very briefly – and quickly backed out – just doing it under the old name but I wanted this new side to be personal, advice coming from a real person.

Liam Shoots was born.

The idea being this brand new online presence is more about the process of shooting, rather than just a showcase for the finished project. I also want to do a little more storytelling and – if the camera companies want to send me free examples of all their new gear – perhaps the occasional review of new and existing products on the market.

The internet is all about sharing and I plan to share my thoughts, ideas, advice and guidance on all things shooting for photography and video. Right now, I only sporadically shoot video as a commercial venture but I would love to do and talk about it more.

Whilst I get to work writing and shooting, check out what I have shared so far.

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