Debbie and Dan’s East Court Sussex Wedding

Debbie and Dan had one criteria ‘make sure you get lots of photos of the kids!’. The couple have 4 children so this was clearly no 1 on their shot list. As I have 7 nieces and nephews, photographing kids comes naturally to me and it was a pleasure to make sure I got what they wanted. Turns out there were a LOT of children invited to their wedding¬†so capturing great photos of them all involved running around, playing games and generally getting worn out. Kids are tiring!

Fortunately Debbie and Dan chose East Court, near East Grinstead in West Sussex as their wedding venue¬†and it was quite the playground. With stunning views over West Sussex, it’s beautifully manicured lawns and slopping garden was the perfect location to capture children doing what they do best, have fun!

As you can see from the many photos below, I think I more than delivered on my promise. This was by far one of the most fun and colourful weddings I have ever has the pleasure of photographing.

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