Cheap Wedding Photography: Money Saving Tips

cheap wedding photography

Cheap Wedding Photography: Money Saving Tips

When your overall wedding budget is tight, £1000 plus for wedding photography can seem like a big chunk of your budget. When it comes to cheap wedding photographers who solely list themselves as ‘cheap’ ‘budget’ ‘affordable’, there is a good chance you’ll end up getting what you pay for. However, there are ways of cutting costs and making sure you’re getting value for money without stumping for bargain bin cheap wedding photography.

Get Multiple Quotes

Not every photographer lists prices on their website but this doesn’t mean they’re out of your budget. Always get as many quotes as you can to make sure they’re getting a good price. The average price for a wedding photographer varies by country and city so multiple quotes will mean you’re not paying well above average.

Make friends with a photographer

Sometimes having lots of friends can save you money. Wedding photographers will often do mates rates for good friends or even friends or family of good friends so it’s always worth asking your personal network for recommendations. Shooting your big day is a big commitment and time consuming but you can often get a decent percentage off package prices by hiring a photographer friend.

Make sure you get to keep your photos

Sounds like an obvious thing but make sure your photographer allows you to print and share your photos without needing to pay for the privilege. It used to be the done thing that photographers would keep your photos and only allow you or your friends and family to print them through them so they could earn a little more cash from re-prints. The vast majority of photographers don’t do this anymore. Personally, I like to focus on just taking great photos and let my clients do what they like with the photos. Check your wedding photography contract to see what kind of agreement you have with your chosen photographer and don’t be afraid to question it.

Go for the lower priced package

Do you really need a package with all the bells and whistles? Do you really need a super fancy wedding album and 50 prints? From my experience, wedding albums are a wonderful keepsake but they often get appreciated less than a small selection of photos, professional printed, framed and put in your home. If all you want is great photos at an affordable price, find a photographer to just focusses on taking the best photos on the day. Research your own albums and prints but be aware that again with printed photos, you get what you pay for, the quality of professionally printed photos is vastly different to websites like Photobox and SnapFish.

Give someone professional but less established a chance

Every excellent wedding photographer has to start somewhere and finding someone talented but with less experience could be your way of saving money. Do you have a friend that is a professional photographer but specialises in a different field? Know anyone that has photographed a friends wedding for free and is looking for their first paid job? Whilst of course there are risks involved in this, you should treat them like a professional wedding photographer. Ask to see their portfolio, ask how many cameras they have and what they would do if equipment breaks on the day, do they have backups of everything.

cheap wedding photography

Off peak discount

Many wedding photographers will offer discounts for week day and off peak weddings. They won’t always say this on their websites but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Peak season is understandably May to September and weekends, therefore it can help with all aspects of wedding planning to go for a less popular day of the week or time of year. You might end up with a very experienced photographer for that same price as cheap wedding photography.

New venue discount

Every wedding venue will have a recommended supplier list who know the venue well. However, if your venue is a popular venue in a popular wedding area, a photographer will jump at the chance to shoot at a venue they’ve not photographed before. For example, where I live Ravens Ait, Hampton Court Palace and Pembroke Lodge are sought after and popular venues. An experienced photographer who happens to be new to the area would jump at the chance to shoot at these kinds of venues. Photographers are always looking to diversify their portfolios.

Structure your day to limit a photographers hours

During full day photography there will always be ‘down time’ when a photographer is not taking photos. You might think that 4 or 6 hours won’t cover much of your day but you can structure your day so you include key moments earlier on. For example, schedule your first dance for just after the wedding breakfast. You can always do a second ‘first dance’ to kick start the evening party. Break the formalities and traditions and save yourself some money.

Get your guests to pay for the photographer

Not technically saving money but couples often get their guests to pay for their honeymoon, why not do the same for your wedding photography. Just £30 from 60 guests would easily pay for a full day wedding photographer, photo album and prints with money to spare. I’ve not seen many wedding photographers offer this directly but website like GoFundMe make it easier than ever to get your guests to contribute towards your dream wedding photographer. Not only is this cheap wedding photography, in a way it’s free wedding photography!

As you can see, there are so many ways to get cheap wedding photography without ending up with cheap looking wedding photos. Feel free to contact me for more advice or check out some of my other blogs.


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